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  • Natty Moss Bond

Dear Friends,Starting in April 2022 DAILY thank you reward for all our Fabric Smart Bag Persons!!

Starting in April, every time you bring your Fabric Smart shopping bag with you, you will receive 3% off your total of regularly priced, non sale merchandise!

(The 3% discount cannot be added to or applied with any other greater discount or coupon offered.)

We will still have our Bag Persons Special Discount Weekends at the end of each month (April's Discount weekend will be April 29 through May 1), but now you have a daily reward for remembering to bring your Fabric Smart cloth shopping bag!

Keep it handy to use anywhere else you may shop!

New customers can join the Club!

If you are a new customer and want to participate as a Fabric Smart Bag Person, please make a cloth shopping bag and put the words Fabric Smart on it in appliqué or some kind of stitchery! You can see some examples below! You will help us to us less plastic carry out bags, which will help our planet!


Our End of the Bolt SALE continues through Sunday, April 10!

We have the happy dilemma of needing space for new fabrics arriving.

When you buy the end of the bolt, no matter the amount left, you will receive 25% off your purchase! This sale price applies only to fabric yardage.

The only exception to the sale are the new Tilda Cotton Beach fabrics. This is an in store sale only.


Hope to see you soon!

Karen, Natty, Gini and Michael

6798 Crosswinds Dr N

Suite C101

St Petersburg, FL 33710

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