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Miss you like Mad

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Hi there, this is Natty, posting a blog post for all of our Fabric Smart fans.

Karen has been so busy selling fabric over the phone and on Etsy, that she hasn't had much time to reach out to all of our friends. With everyone making masks and having tons of time on their hands to finally finish those projects that they have been meaning to finish, Karen has been cutting fabric like crazy!

Karen and I both are immune compromised and we are doing all that we can to stay healthy and also to stay in business! We are so sad to not be able to see you all in person at the store.

Karen made the decision to keep the store open for fabric and anything else you need, for curbside pickups or mailing fabric right to your doorstep.

We understand it is not what we are used to, or the most optimum way to shop. We all love to touch the fabric and see the latest new things. But at this time, we want all of you to stay healthy.

I have been sitting at home doing the listings on Etsy for Karen, Jeannie has been taking photos and making samples, while Karen mans the helm at our shop in Gulfport, taking phone orders, Etsy orders, cutting yardage, printing postage, packing up the orders, ordering new fabric and keeping us all busy! We want to be able to help keep your creative juices flowing.

We are busy getting our entire inventory online to make it convienient for you to shop.  Karen has been in touch with all of our fabric reps, and continues to get all orders as planned, in addition, we are stocking up on many unique novelties. Plus we have just received 600 yards of 1/4 inch white braided and 1/4 inch black braided elastic. 

We are getting new fabrics all the time.

Please call us at 727-914-8850 if you need anything.

Please stay healthy. We really miss you like mad.

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