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We are in our beautiful NEW HOME!

Dear Friends, We are now open our beautiful new home! 6798 Crosswinds Dr. N Suite C101 St Petersburg, FL 33710 I owe many thanks to the people who helped me make this move successful in such a short amount of time. Deep gratitude to: Robin, Jen, Beckie, Natty, Steve, Jeannie, Staci, Marta, Susanna, Jodi, Debbie, Rosylan and Heather. We were able to get the store back open after only two days due to their hard work and generosity! ****************** We are getting new fabrics almost everyday! Can't wait to welcome you to our beautiful new space!

Of course we are also adding these new fabrics to our ETSY store too, so you can shop online...order online and have them shipped...Or order over the phone at 727-914-8850 and pick them up. ***************** See you soon! Karen, Natty and Jeannie Fabric Smart - The best kept secret in Florida!

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