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Welcome to our new Subscribers!

Dear Friends, Welcome to all the new subscribers to our emails! Many of you found us through our Etsy store and we thank you for your interest in our collection! Many of our local customers are browsing our Etsy store also! I want to let you know that whatever is on sale in our Etsy store is also on sale in our physical store! Many fabrics and patterns are currently 10% off! ********************* We are waiting for many new collections to arrive. From all indications June is going to be banner month for deliveries! One collection that will be arriving soon is Merry and Mod - a Modern Christmas collection from Windham Fabrics. I ordered the whole collection of these fabrics with a fresh take on holiday colors! See pictures of this collection below and of the charming Hugs Quilt made by our customer Rosylan Maxwell and quilted by Dora Pearl, which uses these fabrics! Here is a link to the look book for this collection: There are so many good ideas in this look book to use with this really different collection! ******************** If you go to our our website -, you will see a new tab that says "Etsy Store". If you click on it, it will load ALL of our listings on Etsy for you to browse. Just another way to see our stock online. ********************** We ask that you still wear a mask when shopping in store and we will provide hand sanitizer when you enter. ************* Thank you all for your continued support of our store. We are striving to bring you a wider selection of gorgeous and clever designs on fabric from many different fabric companies. Bring a friend and come and visit! Our best, Karen and Natty Fabric Smart - The Best Kept Secret in Florida!

Remember, we are open now so come and see us at

5401 Gulfport Blvd. S. Gulfport, FL 33707

and we love to hear from you! Send us pictures of your quilts!

Call us if you need anything!

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